Loopmasters has released House of Loop’s latest sample pack Shakers & Tambourines, a fresh collection of percussion samples for your music productions.

With this new release, we put the emphasis on shakers and tambourines, the most important component that, when added to your tracks, creates the desired faster groove. This fantastic pack is suitable for any genre including techno, tech-house, house, classic house, and more.

Priced £9.95 GBP, the pack includes 59 shaker loops and 58 tambourine loops.

Also available is Dub Techno Pulse, containing high-quality drums, basslines, synths, and SFX designed for producers looking to add a unique touch of dub techno to their tracks.

Dub techno is a sub-genre which smashes together elements from these iconic sounds. Dark and reverberant decays, bubbling basslines, and spacious chords are a must. With each delay and synthesised flourish, gritty distortion gets to work, saturating the notes with glitched flavours, and bringing your tracks to life. By focussing on this underground aesthetic, you can add new textures to your mix, sure to flare up sound systems in any warehouse rave or underground club.

Dub Techno Pulse costs £19.95 GBP. Parts are also sold separately starting from £7.95 GBP.

More information: House of Loop