Audio Plugin Deals has launched a sale on Simple Samples Audio’s deep-sampled legato solo viola played by Los Angeles-based viola performer, session musician, and founder of Strings Attached Entertainment, Rhea Hosanny.

Rhea Hossany Legato Viola for Kontakt features controls for the playing position, vibrato style, legato speed, dynamics, and reverb.

Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola is the world’s first deep-sampled ultra-legato solo viola, crafted to perform realistic melodic phrases at all speeds.

Every note is infused with Rhea Hosanny’s expressive performance style and will imbue your tracks with heartfelt emotion.

Regularly $129 USD, the Kontakt library is priced only $34 USD until April 20th, 2022. You will also receive $17 USD in rewards for use in the APD Shop and 3 bonus items with over $120 USD in value.

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