Sinevibes is celebrating the launch of its new website by setting free Oscillator, the audio-controlled synth plug-in for Mac.

Sinevibes website

Sinevibes has extremely happy to announce the launch of its new, completely redesigned website. It takes lighter and cleaner approach to the overall look, and makes navigating products and downloading updates much easier. And just like the previous website, the new one also works natively on any device including tablets and mobile phones, thanks to a web platform called Oneline.

To celebrate this event, Sinevibes is also giving away its Oscillator AudioUnit plugin free of charge (previously $19). Oscillator is a little audio-controlled synthesizer with up to six envelope-modulated voices and effects such as frequency stepping, unison detune and digital distortion. It can turn any audio into a wide variety of sounds and effects – from interesting synths, basses and melodic strums to blips, zaps, glitches and beyond.

More information: Sinevibes / Oscillator