Sinevibes AudioUnit Bundle

Sinevibes has announced a special limited-time AudioUnit bundle, which offers its most popular products for an unusually low price.

The bundle includes Deep, Dynamo and Turbulence plugins and is a great opportunity for musicians with any budget to bring something new and innovative into their setup. All these plugins feature simple color-coded interfaces which make them a blast to use in any production style.

Some of the special AudioUnit pack applications include:

  • Apply complex gate and filter patterns onto any instrument parts.
  • Re-process and mangle beat loops with perfectly matched timing.
  • Transform static, lifeless sounds into spectrally and rhythmically rich new material.
  • Turn simple waveforms like sine, saw and square into complex motion synth and bass lines with incredible density.
  • Create growling, wobbling and FM-like sounds with very little effort.
  • Emulate slicing and stutter effects.

The Sinevibes special AudioUnit pack with Deep, Dynamo and Turbulence is available to purchase for $29 USD until 1st July 2012 (regular $57 USD).

More information: Sinevibes / AudioUnit pack