Sinevibes Nylon

Sinevibes has announced the release of Nylon, a guitar sound expansion for Roland Fantom-G.

Nylon is a Fantom-G sound expansion solely devoted to a single instrument – a Spanish guitar with nylon strings, selected for it’s unique combination of warm-bodied sound and crisp, detailed attack. It uses our very own Audio Magnifier recording technique to create a dimensional model of an acoustic instrument, complete with all it’s liveliness, depth and subtle nuances. As a result, Nylon gives you the most realistic nylon guitar you can ever have on the Roland Fantom-G series.

Nylon features

  • Perfect sound expansion for all musicians seeking for a real, clean and airy acoustic guitar.
  • Recorded with custom Audio Magnifier technique featuring an array of microphones to capture organic body transients and natural variations with an unrivaled accuracy.
  • Different playing variations, dynamics and microphone positioning are offered through a wide variety of highly-expressive patches and live sets – plus, you can model your very own nylon guitar sounds.
  • The package includes 296 samples, 27 multisamples, 25 patches and 10 live sets.

Nylon is available to purchase as a download $49 USD. 20% upgrade discounts are available for existing customers.

More information: Sinevibes