Sinevibes has announced the release of the Eternal v2 barber-pole flanger effect plugin for Mac.

Another product to be added to the company’s all-new plugin lineup, the upgrade to Eternal brings the availability of both AU and VST3 formats, user interface size scaling up to 200%, as well as built-in preset management functions.

Eternal is a barber-pole flanger. Unlike a traditional flanger which has its tone repeatedly go up and down, a barber-pole flanger goes upwards or downwards in a seemingly endless fashion. To accomplish this unique effect, Eternal employs a thoroughly calibrated low-frequency oscillator with six output signals which modulate and crossfade three flangers – and they do this in a very special way.

Since these oscillators have a “through-zero phase” design, Eternal can go from downwards to upwards motion and back completely seamlessly. With two distinct timbres available thanks to positive or negative feedback, this plugin produces a wide variety of delicious spectrum sweeps – plus unusual chorus, pitch shift, and stereo widening effects.

Changes in Eternal v2

  • Newly designed user interface with size scaling up to 200%.
  • Added VST3 plugin format.
  • Added built-in preset manager.
  • Support for any buffer size requested by the plugin host.
  • Consistent name, mapping, value, and unit implemented for all parameters in both graphic user interface and host control/automation.
  • Doubled maximum flanger effect range from 3 ms to 6 ms.
  • Increased Frequency control range and corrected the display of the actual effective value in Hz.
  • Increased Feedback control range to -100..+100%.
  • More thorough state initialization when receiving the reset() call from the host.
  • More natural parameter mapping on Frequency, Stereo, Output controls.
  • Added all-new presets + reworked collection of all old presets.

Eternal v2 is available for $29 USD. The update is free for customers who already own the previous version of Eternal.

More information: Sinevibes