Sinevibes MPC Recharger

Sinevibes has released MPC Recharger, a large collection of distinct and highly inspiring sounds for professional rhythm composition with Akai MPC-500, MPC-1000 and MPC-2500 samplers.

Aimed at those who seek something different than overused samples of old vinyl and vintage drum machines, MPC Recharger has been created totally from the ground up, delivering fresh and never-heard-before sounds.

MPC Recharger features

  • 20 kits
  • 320 samples: kicks, snares, hats, drums, percussion, as well as a wide range of effects, hits, scratches, lo-fi glitches, noises, vocoder sounds and way beyond.

MPC Recharger is available for $39 USD (~27 EUR). Online delivery is instant, shipping on CD is optionally available.

Visit Sinevibes for more information and audio demos.