Sinevibes Roland Juno Stage products

Sinevibes has announced that the Planet series sound expansions as well as the Fantom Tweakbook sound design book are now available to all users of Roland’s Juno Stage synthesizer.

The Planet X and Planet F Sound Expansions include a stunning variety of sounds, perfect for modern music production and live performance. Polished and begging to play are synthesizers and leads, synth basses, bells, electric pianos, pads and atmospheres, pulsating and rhythmically-modulated sounds, sound effects, one-key arrangements and even more – each of which is made to inspire new musical ideas. These two libraries include a total of 300 original patches.

And if you want to learn how to make your own sounds and get the most out of your Juno’s fantastic creative possibilities, you will definitely enjoy studying the Fantom Tweakbook – a truly immense knowledge resource of many different techniques and secrets on sound design and music production, with lots of illustrations and example sounds provided in each tutorial article. The book includes over 60 articles, 220 patches and 90 audio examples.

Planet X, Planet F and the Fantom Tweakbook for Juno Stage are immediately available either as downloads or on a worldwide-shipped CD (Planet libraries are $29 USD each, Fantom Tweakbook is $19 USD). In addition, all three products can be purchased as a discount bundle for $59 USD, giving you access to over 500 individual sounds.

Visit Sinevibes for more information and audio previews.