Sinevibes Planet A

Sinevibes Planet R

Sinevibes has announced the release of Planet A and Planet R, two new sound expansions for Roland Fantom-S and Fantom-X.

This is good news for those who own one of these instruments – even though all of them have been discontinued, you can still refresh your musical palette with latest sounds.

Planet A / Planet R features

  • Planet A is made especially for those who seek massive, punchy and warm analog sounds. It features totally clean and unprocessed analog bass, synth, lead and pad sounds, as well as extra loops and effects, all sampled at high resolution. Contents: 337 original samples, 25 multisampled instruments, 30 patches.
  • Planet R features sounds made with some of the most amazing hardware and software synthesizers available today. Unique synths, bells, basses, pads, atmospheres, hits and chords, vocal, vocoder and choir sounds will fit into any modern music production, from club and urban to ambient and film scoring. Contents: 524 original samples, 47 multisampled instruments, 70 patches.
  • Both expansions are compatible with Fantom-S/S88, Fantom-X6/7/8,Fantom-Xa and Fantom-XR synthesizers, and require min. 128 MB of sample RAM and storage flash memory.

Planet A and Planet R are available as downloads for $29 USD and $39 USD, respectively, optionally on worldwide-shipped CD.

More information: Sinevibes