Singomakers has launched Logic Pro Mastering, a collection of 57 professionally designed mastering projects for Logic Pro.

The templates span 13 genres: Hip Hop, EDM & Progressive, Drum and Bass, Trap, Future Bass, OVO, Chill Trap, Reggaeton, Moombah, Psy, Trance & Goa, Future House and Diablo House, NU Disco, Dubstep, Rawstyle and Hardstyle, Techno, Tech House, Tropical House and POP.

Singomaster Pro Logic Mastering

Each genre includes 4 individual templates created using Logic Pro plugins only, iZotope Ozone 7, Fabfilter plugins, T-Racks plugins and 5 Universal master templates created with different plugins for the best result.

This is a great tool same as for bedroom producers, same for veteran producers who are open for new technics and ways of mastering. In some projects we used regular Master Bus processing, some mastering template based on Mid/Side processing, some process Low Freq and High Frequency range separately and also Singomakers included experimental parallel mastering projects!

Each Template contains a Logic Pro file, which is suitable for Logic Pro X, containing an example demo song routed through a dedicated Channel Strip containing all the necessary EQ, Compression, Saturation, Maximization and FX settings that can be used on your own productions as a final Master Tool.

The final polish and mastering of your tracks is a very important stage to get that perfect finished Sound and each genre has its own technical requirements, and examples of these settings are included in the templates. Each Mastering Template is also available to purchase separately.

The template pack is available for £19.95 GBP. Individual genres are £9.95 GBP each.

More information: Singomakers / Logic Pro Mastering