Audio Plugin Deals has announced an exclusive sale on Reach by Sinuslabs, a creative reverb effect plugin engineered specifically for the synthetic sounds of tomorrow’s electronic music.

Our reverb, Reach, was developed with synthetic sound sources in mind; a modern reverb for modern music. Use Reach to control time and space, and to create a variety of sounds and environments. Shape how your early reflections decay using the diffusion knob, and adjust brightness using the damping parameter. Reach enables you to build the space you need for the sound that you want.

Reach features

  • High-fidelity reverb engine to shape virtual spaces ranging from tiny studios to fractal rooms.
  • Mix Reach’s transformative effects to design unreal soundscapes (Degrade, Flanger, Chorus and Distortion).
  • Built-in filters for a clean signal.
  • Over 40 carefully crafted presets ranging from lush reverbs to sonic soundscapes.
  • Includes light and dark skin themes.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST3, AU), Reach is on sale for $26 USD instead of $60 USD until march 19th, 2023.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals