Sixth Sample has released an audio plugin that aims to deliver a distortion type for all situations, while keeping things dynamic with just one mouse click.

Designed to be the best multiband distortion plugin possible with the bare minimum amount of controls, F(l)atter features 3 bands, 3 controllers, housed in a minimalistic interface that comes with 10 color themes. Switching to the single band mode retains your settings in the multiband section.

In addition to normal and inverted linear functions, F(l)atter has 46 tasteful distortion functions organized under the categories: aggressive, asymmetric, clean, experimental, rectify, saturation, and utility. Find the right amount of harmonics for any sound.

F(l)atter fuses two of the most important distortion controls into one control surface. Drag on the vertical axis for mix and the horizontal axis for the drive. This way, you can find the right blend as efficiently as possible and get back to being creative.

F(l)atter’s unique dynamic modes enable distortion processing only on the attack or release of your sounds. Emphasize transients, push out small details or create transparent saturation losing no dynamic range. The sensitivity slider adapts the amount of dynamic distortion for any input.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST3 and AU formats, F(l)atter is on sale at the ADSR Sounds store for $12.50 USD until August 10th, 2022 (regular $24.95 USD).

More information: Sixth Sample