ADSR Sounds has launched a promotion on the clipper, compressor, and gate audio plugin by Sixth Sample and Integraudio. Clips is designed to be a superb companion to your mixing and mastering sessions.

Clips includes multiple features to help you process just the parts of your audio you need. The Multiband section makes handling only the problematic frequencies easy by splitting the incoming audio into three separate bands. For control over the stereo field, clips can be toggled between left/right and mid/side modes. This allows you to manipulate your stereo image in endless creative ways without causing phase issues.

Clips features

  • All-in-one dynamics plugin.
  • Left/Right and Mid/Side modes.
  • Multiband processing.
  • Transient shaping.
  • Light and dark themes.

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats, Clips is on sale for only $14.25 USD instead of $28.50 USD until September 27th, 2022.

More information: Sixth Sample