SKnote has announced the release of its RawPro professional hardware line, with special features and high performance for tracking and mixing.

SKnote RawPro
SKnote RawPro back

Featuring a 100% analog path, with a small footprint and a simple set of controls, they are professional level devices in a compact form factor.

Special features extend the vintage concepts further, like the microphone level input with internal preamplifier added to the standard line level input.

RawPro series

  • RP6 – The most classical FET compression, includes “all buttons in” switch, line and microphone level input. Based on the most sought after FET circuit, extends its features by a mic level input, active balanced interfacing and more “buttons” combinations for smooth compression, slamming or strong effects.
  • RP165a – A standard compression in professional studios, VCA compression, includes “Auto” mode, limiter, line and microphone input. Used on lots of drum tracks for its “Auto” mode huge-knee action. The limiter is extremely useful to tame peaks after the compression or to get distortion. Manual mode opens to a broad palette of sounds.
  • RP2A – The most classical Opto compression, includes multiple vintage-style optocouplers, line and microphone input. Based on the vintage concept, an optocoupler made by an electroluminescent panel (powered by high voltage) and a Light Dependent Resistor (LDR), extends the concept further by means of our custom optocoupler, including six networks based on three different LDRs. Slower, classic, faster, each one with its own character and knee variation. The simplest set of controls – Input, Mode, Volume.
  • RP-Power – Power supply. Universal input, feeds up to 8 units, including 48V phantom power for mic inputs.

The RawPro series compressors are now available for purchase for 250 EUR + shipping each. The power supply is 100 EUR + shipping, and comes free when you buy all four units currently available.

More information: SKnote / RawPro