ModeAudio has launched its new sample pack Meteorology Ambient Pop Loops, a collection of music loops, MIDI and drum samples that combines the emotion and technicolour melodics of retro-tinged Pop with the lilting, hypnotic texture and atmosphere of Ambient music.

Vast cloudscapes swirl then dispel as your satellite’s view of Earth begins to take shape. Colossal weather systems rage across the continents as tranquil seas caress coasts and embrace tiny islands in their deep blue majesty – introducing the elemental sound of Meteorology – Ambient Pop Loops!

Also available is Skylight Ambient String Loops, featuring 195 royalty-free Ambient loops that deliver rich, emotive string harmonies set against deep-diving bass and intricate noise textures.

As the heavy clouds begin to part, sunlight streaks down through the gloom, illuminating land and sky alike in vibrant colour and texture – welcome to the resplendent sound of Skylight – Ambient String Loops!

The packs are available for purchase for £18 GBP each at the ModeAudio store.