Slate Digital has announced the release of its new audio plugin Custom Opto, an emulation of a vintage opto compressor with some additional features.

We modded one of the most classic vintage Opto compressors in history by adding timing & ratio controls plus 4 new tone settings so you can shape your sound to perfection in seconds.

Custom Opto features

  • Choose from 4 new custom vibes to breathe life into your mix.
  • Open up your top end with Airy
  • Take out harsh frequencies with Smooth.
  • Bring snap & punch with Aggro.
  • Add vintage fatness with Warm.

Available for Windows and Mac in VST/VST3, AU and AAX plugin formats, Custom Opto is available for purchase for $149 USD at Slate Digital and from distributor PluginFox.

The plugin is $99 USD for owners of Slate Digital’s FG-2A, and free with All Access membership. A bundle with FG-2A is $249 USD.