Slate Digital has launched Virtual Buss Compressors, a plug-in suite comprising three unique sounding, 100% analog modeled dynamic processors that are ideal for program material.

Slate Digital Virtual Buss Compressors

Every nuance of real analog compressors has been modeled; including the exact nonlinear characteristics of their transformers, tubes, VCAs, amplifiers, phase distortions, harmonic distortions, and timing.

Virtual Buss Compressors contains 3 models of some of the industry’s most sought after analog gear.

The FG-GREY is a replication of the classic British console compressor, with some fat sounding transformers added in to beef up the low end. The GREY will give your mix that classic glue and punch that you’ve heard on so many hits!

The FG-RED is a replication of the classic RED mixbuss compressor that has been used for decades by some of the world’s top mixers. It sounds tight, punchy, and has rich harmonics from the output transformers.

The FG-MU is a hybrid of several tube compressor designs that is lush, warm, fat, and open sounding. The MU will give your mix tons of depth and analog vibe!

Each compressor also includes a hi pass filter and parallel mix wet/dry knob for ultimate flexibility! Finally, some of the most common professional presets have been added to each compressor to get you started quickly!

Virtual Buss Compressors features

  • 3 Unique 100% Analog Modeled Buss Compressors.
  • Precisely emulated circuit paths including amplifiers and transformers.
  • Tons of classic presets used by top mix engineers.
  • Available as a rack or individual plugins.
  • 2 Activations per user.

The VBC bundle is available for $199 USD.

More information: Slate Digital / Virtual Buss Compressors