Smart Loops MultiTracks

Smart Loops has released three new SL MultiTracks drum loop libraries in ACID WAV format for use with Mac and PC software samplers and audio software.

Get total control of your ACID, Apple Loop, and REX 2 drum loops and samples with SL MultiTracks. Each library includes fully mixed stereo loops and individual drum and cymbal loops (Kick, Snare, Hats, Overheads, and Toms).

With SL MultiTracks drum loop libraries you can easily mix the drums so they’re a perfect match for your song projects. You have total control over the mix of your drums. You can change the volume of individual tracks, add reverb to just the snare, EQ just the Overheads, etc, etc… the possibilities are limitless.

The SL MultiTracks fully mixed stereo drum loops allow you to quickly preview the complete loops. If inspiration hits and you want to build a drum track quickly, use the stereo mixes of the loops. Then when you’re ready to fine tune your mix and add effects to individual tracks import the corresponding individual track loops.

New SL MultiTracks

  • Fast Rock 3, great for aggressive rock and punk tunes that need a solid groove; includes heavy tom grooves perfect for a bridge or solo section.
  • Medium Straight Rock 9, features some unique grooves. Great for songs with many different sections; with light hi-hat patterns to some big fills and hard-hitting rides.
  • Slow-Medium Straight Rock 4, includes grooves with a sharp snare back-beat and some unusual crash hits; some train-type beats too.

The SL MultiTracks are available for $14.99 USD each.

Visit Smart Loops for more information.