Smart Loops MultiTracks Library

Smart Loops has announced the release of Medium Hard Rock 3, a new MultiTracks library, and SL MIDI Drum Loops Volume 7, a collection of 130 MIDI drum loops.

SL MultiTracks are for those who need total control of their drum tracks. YOU mix the drum tracks while still having all the benefits of standard stereo drum loops.

Drummer’s Quote:”Nothing fancy here, just heavy straight-ahead rock with some tasty double-kick and tom grooves.”

Medium Hard Rock 3 features

  • Includes 59 stereo mixes, 134 individual track loops.
  • Total of 259 loops (238 MB).
  • Original tempo of 98 BPM (Recommended Tempo 84-123 BPM).
  • 4/4 time signature.
  • Formats: ACID WAV, Apple Loops (44.1kHz, 24-bit, Stereo and Mono).

The library costs $14.99 USD.

SL MIDI Drum Loops Vol 7

MIDI Drum Loops Volume 7 features various MIDI drum beats, patterns and fills compatible with virtually ANY program, sample player, or drum software that supports the Standard MIDI Percussion/Drum Spec, which is most of all of them.

This collection of 130 MIDI drum loops are perfect for more aggressive styles of rock. Each performed by session drummer and Pearl Drums’ Artist Frank Basile, these loops will kick your grooves into overdrive! Use them with any drum player/sampler that supports General Midi. (Note: These are the same MIDI loops/Patterns that come with the SL Aggressive Kit Expansion Pack)

SL MIDI Drum Loops Volume 7 features

  • 130 unique loops, 1 to 4 measures each, of MIDI drum beats, patterns and fills.
  • Recommended tempo range: Medium to fast, but can be used at any tempo.
  • 4/4 time signature.
  • Note mappings: General MIDI Drums, General MIDI Enhanced for use with SL Sample Sets.
  • Format: Standard MIDI Files (.MID) type 1.

The MIDI library costs $19 USD.

More information: Smart Loops