Softube has announced it is dropping support for 32-bit versions of its products.

Softube 32 bit support end

In order to keep on delivering plug-ins with stellar sound quality, Softube will be focusing on 64-bit plug-ins only from here and on. This means that our future releases will only contain 64-bit plug-ins.

We do this so that we can put all our efforts into making great new products. Maintaining development tools for the 32-bit platform is becoming increasingly difficult and time-consuming.

Many software users and companies have already made the move to 64-bit, so chances are that you won’t be affected by this at all. But like any technology shift, it’s one that’s painless for some and a big headache for others.

Softube recommends that users who want to continue using 32-bit versions to download and store them safely for future use. Softube also plans to keep on having the 32-bit versions available for download via its website.

More information: Softube