Softube has announced that its Console 1 has recently received tighter integration with Studio One and SONAR, and an adaptation of Summit Audio Grand Channel for Console 1.

Softube Console 1

Console 1 is a unique centerpiece for the DAW based studio. The hardware lets you quickly switch between your tracks and control gate, EQ, compressor and more. The Console 1 software gives you the sound of a classic Solid State Logic console.

While Console 1 works with any major DAW, there is now an even tighter integration for Studio One and SONAR. Use Console 1 to control DAW volume, pan, solo, mute and send levels in these DAWs.

The Grand Channel is one of our best sellers of all time, and now we have adapted its parameters for ultra tight integration with Console 1. This is a free upgrade—anyone who owns both Console 1 and Summit Audio Grand Channel can download the new software from our web site and start using it right away.

Console 1 is available from Softube for $849 USD.

More information: Softube / Console 1