Loopmasters has announced the release of the Artist Series Solar House sample pack by Max Liese, a unique royalty free collection with musicality and squeaky-clean production in abundance.

Loopmasters Max Liese Solar House

Max takes the inspiration for his elaborate productions mostly from the daily life around him and most importantly, his own emotions. When asked to describe his sound, he will say that it is “Uplifting” and that he means to convey his own joy and happiness to his audience. His current work is inspired by acts such as Bryan Eno and Mike Oldfield, giving it a fresh and dynamic touch. In terms of releases, Max has managed to win over renowned labels, such as Delicieuse Musique and The Sound You Need.

For Solar House, Max draws for the finest parts of his sound palette, including gorgeous keys, sliced vocals, phat leads and synths, thick strings, guitars, basses and much more in an array of loops and one-shots. Drum samples included are extra clean and punchy, making for maximum ease of use.

The pack includes:

  • 56 Synth Loops.
  • 26 Drum Part Loops.
  • 21 Synth Bass Loops.
  • 18 Full Drum Loops.
  • 12 Keys Loops.
  • 9 Percussion Loops.
  • 8 Vocal Loops.
  • 7 Electric Bass Loops.
  • 7 Guitar Loops.
  • 4 String Loops.
  • 3 Top Loops.
  • 1 Drum Fill.
  • 34 Bass Hits.
  • 32 Drum Hits.
  • 20 Synth Hits.
  • 17 Fx.
  • 172 Rex2 Files.
  • 59 Soft Sampler Patches.

Solar House costs £24.95 GBP, with parts sold separately starting from £6.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters