Solidtrax has announced the release of a new preset expander pack for the iconic Prophet-6 synthesizer from Sequential. The Tales of the Prophet collection contains 100 presets designed to bring out the best of this stunning sounding synthesizer.

These incredible sounds are versatile and perfect for a wide range of genres. You can get access to these presets as SysEx and SoundTower bank files, fully compatible with your Prophet~6. Our aim was to create a sound expander that is not only versatile but also includes drums, which you can hear in our demo songs. Our demos offer a taste of what our sounds can bring to your music productions and performances.

All the sounds in Tales of the Prophet are created using velocity, mod wheel, and heavy use of aftertouch capabilities. These sounds were crafted using Prophet~6 operating system v1.7.5 and will operate in both slop modes (classic and vintage). Immerse yourself in the rich stories told by the Prophet. Get Tales of the Prophet today!

The soundset is priced 25 EUR. Use coupon code TOTPINTRO at the checkout to get a 30% discount until the end of April, 2023.

More information: Solidtrax