Sonarworks has introduced the latest update to its Reference 4 award-winning calibration software that removes unwanted coloration from studio speakers and headphones.

Dedicated to improving the experience for both current and new users, the update includes a reworked filter mode as well as usability, latency and on-boarding improvements to allow greater ease of use with the software.

Following the complete revamp of the Systemwide app, the update now includes on-demand headphone profile downloads, which makes for a quicker set-up time and also allows users to download profiles for their individually measured headphones directly into the software. The UI on both macOS and Windows can now be switched to dark mode, a long-requested feature from the night-owls of the Sonarworks community.

Sonarworks Reference 4.3 Dark Mode

The Reference 4.3 update also introduces a mixed filter mode with a much-needed improvement over the previous “optimum” version. Having worked hard doing internal research and external testing, the new filter serves as a good middle ground to deliver accurate frequency response and sound quality without introducing significant latency.

“For this release, we decided to rewrite Systemwide from ground up with the main aim of improving set-up experience for new users, though we couldn’t help adding some improvements for our existing users as well,” said Viesturs Marnauza, Product Manager of Reference 4.

Striving to support the growing demand and trend for mixing on headphones, the update takes the supported headphone count to 232 with these new models:

  • Beyerdynamic Custom Studio
  • Beyerdynamic MMX 300
  • Direct Sound EXTW37 Pro
  • Direct Sound Serenity Plus
  • Direct Sound Studio Plus
  • Marshall Major III
  • Marshall Major III Bluetooth
  • Marshall Monitor Bluetooth

The Reference 4.3 update is available free to current users.

Until the 16th of June, Reference 4 is available from Sonarworks and distributor Plugin Boutique with a 20% discount.

The Reference 4 Headphone Edition is on sale for 79 EUR/USD, the Reference 4 Studio Edition is 199 EUR/USD, and the Reference 4 Studio Edition with Mic is 239 EUR/USD during the promotion.