Sonible has announced the release of smart:EQ 3, a multi-track equalizer that creates spectral balance in single audio tracks and assists users in establishing transparent arrangements of multiple channels with intelligent cross-channel processing.

The plugin allows you to achieve tonal balance with incredible speed, perform spectral mixing via drag and drop, and stay in the flow with an improved interface and workflow.

It only takes a single click for smart:EQ 3 to analyze any given audio track and amend spectral deficiencies, such as disturbing resonances, unwanted notches or an overall spectral imbalance. The computed smart:filter can be adapted to the user’s needs and leads to a clean, detailed sound – the ideal basis for further creative steps.

smart:EQ 3 also offers a group view with intelligent cross-channel processing that corrects cluttered and clashing frequency regions within a group of up to six channels.

sonible smartEQ3 group view

Multiple audio tracks can be arranged by the user in a sonic hierarchy of three layers. Each track is then analyzed to detect and fix masking effects. smart:EQ 3’s AI-powered algorithms utilize spectral mixing techniques that ensure each track gets its assigned space within an overall transparent arrangement.

The EQ view, inherited from its predecessor smart:EQ 2, now sports an even leaner and more intuitive interface. Furthermore, various new features have been added to improve the user’s workflow, including filter widgets, a dynamic mode that adapts to the incoming audio signal in real time, and the option to switch between linear phase and zero latency filters.

The driving force behind smart:EQ 3 is sonible’s now even more powerful smart:engine. This AI-based, content-aware system incorporates signal statistics, psychoacoustic principles and extensive hands-on mixing experience and can be further enhanced by applying specific profiles for distinct audio sources.

Co-founder and head of development at sonible, Peter Sciri, says:

smart:EQ 2 was a great success. A lot of users have given us immensely valuable feedback since its release and we eagerly listened – the insights into their workflows were a great inspiration for creating a tool like smart:EQ 3. Developing highly complex features such as the cross-hannel processing was a challenge, but we are convinced that the results will be incredibly helpful for any audio pro or ambitious talent out there.

smart:EQ 3 features

  • smart:filter for creating spectral balance in single tracks within seconds .
  • Cross-channel processing to establish a sonic hierarchy in a group of up to six tracks.
  • Option to switch the smart:filter to dynamic adaption for a more consistent sound.
  • Minimum phase and linear phase filtering for both live EQing and audio postproduction.
  • Up to 24 standard filters to fine-tune audio tracks.
  • Comprehensive M/S processing, multiple filter types and smart states.

Available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX), the plugin is on sale at Sonible and distributor Plugin Boutique for the intro price of 89 USD/EUR (regular 129 USD/EUR). Users of smart:EQ 2 can upgrade to smart:EQ 3 for $29 USD.

More information: Sonible