Sonic Academy

Sonic Academy has released How To Make Dubstep In Cubase, a new video tutorial.

Learn how to create some ground shaking sub bass coupled with morphing distorted synth patterns in this How To Make Dubstep course.

Sonic Academy Tutor Bryan Spence takes you through step by step how to glitch and chop between basslines, synth parts, vocal stabs and drum crashes to get you on your way to creating the very distictive dubstep rhythm.

This course comes in a bundle of 22 videos and is covered using Steinbergs powerful Cubase 5 DAW.

So put your hoods up and get ready to dance double time as we transport you into this growing underground London sound.

The course is available exclusively to Sonic Academy subscribers. Subscriptions are available for £29.99 GBP / $44.99 USD a quarter or £99.99 GBP / $159.99 USD for a full year.

More information: Sonic Academy / How To Make Dubstep In Cubase