Sonic Bloom has announced a giveaway in celebration of its 10th anniversary, offering a chance to win 4 prizes: The Max for Cats Complete Collection, a free one hour Zoom lesson with Madeleine Bloom, the Array Mbira Live Pack, and the House Operator Vol. 1 Live Pack.

The tenth anniversary of Sonic Bloom is here and I’m woefully unprepared. At least for what I had in mind for today. Healing from iatrogenic harm that has caused several vicious cycles in my body made it impossible to work full time for a long time, which I’m still in the process of reversing btw. This means I’m behind with all my plans. So be it. I’ll make the eleventh birthday the big one. It’s my favourite number anyway, plus I’m known to be idiosyncratic by now, LOL. Keep your fingers crossed that my healing continues and I don’t run into yet another vicious cycle that sets me back.

Anyway… there’s a lot more to come eventually. I’m currently in RND mode. And for now, I’ve got a giveaway for you.

In addition to the giveaway contest, all products in the Sonic Bloom shop are offered at a 30% discount until Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 (midnight CET). Use coupon code SB10 at the checkout to take advantage of the offer.

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