Sonic Lion has announced the release of LionChorus, a free chorus effect plug-in for Windows.

Sonic Lion LionChorus

LionChorus is a classical chorus/flanging effect plug-in with up to four stages and a feedback line with high pass filter.

The delay can be varied from 1 to 50ms. Special care was taken for interpolation to reduce aliasing very effectively in the variable delay lines.

Since not only the modulated signals are delayed but also the original signal, a classical thru-zero flanging can also be achieved.

LionChorus features

  • Up to 4 delay stages.
  • Thru zero flanging.
  • Delay lines from 1 to 50 ms with high quality interpolation.
  • Feedback line with high pass filter.
  • 8 factory presets.
  • Copy and paste of patches between different instances of LionChorus.

LionChorus is available as a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.