Sonic Zest has announced the release of its new Quantum series of Kontakt instruments. Quantum Vibraphone features the sounds of a deep-sampled concert vibraphone played at the edge of silence.

You’re about to enter the vibraphone’s quantum realm. This is the sound of a concert vibraphone being played at the very edge of silence, or to use the technical term: pianissimo (meaning to perform ‘very softly’). Quantum Vibraphone is pervasively cinematic and will start you on a journey of inspiration from your first hit.

We’ve mapped these super soft articulations across the full dynamic range within Kontakt. What that means is when you firmly hit a note on your keyboard you still get the sound of a vibraphone played pianissimo. And when you play your keyboard softly the sound will dampen further still.

Available for the full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or higher, Quantum Vibraphone is available for purchase for $16 USD at Sonic Zest.