Soniccouture has announced the release of Ondioline, a modelled analogue instrument that runs in Kontakt Player.

Soniccouture Ondioline
Soniccouture Ondioline speaker

Soniccouture Ondioline options

The Ondioline was made in France in the 1950s /60s, and was conceived as a low cost Ondes Martenot, sharing the same lateral vibrato keyboard, with a knee-lever to shape volume. It was entirely valve-based with its own built-in amplifier and inspired the Clavioline, Jennings Univox and Hammond Solovox.

In collaboration with Goldfrapps’ Will Gregory and Dan Wilson from Hideaway Studio, Soniccouture extensively restored and modified Ondioline no.599 to be sampled and recreated as a Kontakt instrument.

Ondioline features

  • 24bit 96khz Sampling.
  • 3.4GB Download (6 GB instrument before Kontakt Compression).
  • Full convolution modelling of original Ondioline filter switches.
  • 6 octave range – every Ondioline key sampled for every oscillator shape.
  • Original speaker cabinet modelling + line-out sampling.
  • Ondes Martneot speaker models also included.
  • Performance setup: manual vibrato & knee lever control + aftertouch + Polyphonic Mode.
  • Original Georges Jenny presets included + sound design snapshots.
  • Kontakt Player + NKS Compatible (Kontakt 5.5 required).

Ondioline is available for purchase for 89 EUR/$99 USD. It is fully Kontakt Player and NKS compatible.

Until December 31st, 2015, you can take advantage of the Soniccouture Winter Sale, in which you get 35% off all products (including Ondioline) with coupon code YUUAUU35 at checkout, or Buy One Get One Free by adding 2 or more products to your cart. The cheapest item will automatically be free.

More information: Soniccouture / Ondioline