SONiVOX has released DVI 2.0, a collection of downloadable virtual instruments for Windows and Mac.

SONiVOX designed the DVI products specifically for superior sound, ease of use, and affordability. Each DVI product is self contained and comes with its own player. There are many different types of DVI’s so each DVI player may differ slightly in functionality and aesthetic, but for the most part share a lot of the same traits.

New in DVI 2.0

  • Expanded effects section, five adjustable parameters per effect
    • Chorus: Depth, Delay, Rate, Mix & Feedback.
    • Delay: Pan, DelayL, DelayR, Mix & Feedback.
    • Reverb: Room Size, Pre Delay, Hi Freq Damp, Mix & Gain.
    • Amp Sim: Compression Amt, Distortion Amt, Filter Freq, Mix & Filter Q.
  • New 4-Band EQ for all DVI’s.
  • Additional patches for selected instruments.

There are currently 59 DVI’s available for download starting at $19.95 USD. Full featured 3-day trial versions are available upon request.

Visit SONiVOX for more information.