Sonokinetic Carillon

Sonokinetic has released Carillon, a free sampled instrument for Kontakt.

Sonokinetic sampled two original 17th century carillons. Two, one octave bell systems in two velocity layers. Since you can only play hard and soft on these instruments we’re bound to only these two dynamic spectrums.

But we feel this instrument has a very original and authentic sound. Since all these instruments are tuned in an old tuning system we had to tweak the sample a little to make ‘m fit better in our modern contemperd tuning system. The big Carillon was originally build in Antwerp in 1635. The small Carillon was build in 1724 in Amsterdam. Both bell systems have been placed in the main church towers of these cities. After WWII these carillons have been moved to a museum. Which gave us the best acoustic environment to record these unique sounds for you.

Sonokinetic Carillon features

  • Two kontakt 4.1 patches: Carillon big & Carillon small.
  • 70 wave files. 48kHz / 24 bit.
  • 207MB content.
  • Includes license agreement, dvd cover, demo and production photos.

The Sonokinetic Carillon is available as a free download

More information: Sonokinetic / Carillon