Sonoma Wire Works has released version 4.0.12 of its DrumCore virtual drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

The update fixes the most common bugs and crashes users have reported. A “Show Owned” button has been added to the DrumCore 4 Browser view which makes it easier to navigate through what you own versus what is available to preview and purchase in the DrumCore 4 Store.

Sonoma Wire Works DrumCore 4 Show Owned

DrumCore 4 is a new and improved upgrade of the award-winning DrumCore 3 plug-in drum instrument with stereo 24 bit audio loops and MIDI recordings of inspiring performances by hit-proven drummers, plus great drum sounds across a multitude of styles. Now a 64-bit VST3/AAX/AU plug-in, DrumCore 4 has an improved interface and several highly anticipated features.

DrumCore 4 is the perfect tool for songwriters, composers, musicians and producers. Simply drag and drop grooves to tracks in most popular recording applications on Mac OS and Windows.

Changes in DrumCore v4.0.12

  • Added ownership filter on browser that only shows artists with some owned content.
  • Added ability to edit and save kit pad names.
  • Fixed restoring the timeline on reloading.
  • Fixed restoring Master FX settings.
  • Fixed setting live drummer value in settings.
  • Fixed bug when adding multiple layers to a kit at once.
  • Fixed crash on reloading the Master delay.
  • Fixed several occasional crashes.
  • Fixed memory leaks.
  • Updated dual signature (sha256 and sha1) on Windows installers.
  • Added checks for available space, added logging when drive is full.
  • Added logging for download speed and failed downloads.
  • Known Issues:
    • Changing tempo in plugin is not available. Please use your DAW to change tempo.
    • No user feedback if purchase authorization fails, workaround is switch to browser and back.
    • Tempo not set in DC4 when loading a saved session in Sonar X3. Press PLAY in Sonar’s transport to fix.

The update is now available to DrumCore 4 users.

More information: Sonoma Wire Works / DrumCore