Sonuscore has announced the release of its new Kontakt Player powered sample library Dark Horizon, an earth-shattering bass-heavy synth built using synthesizers and a variety of sounds bent and warped into fascinating soundscapes and powerful low ends.

Dark Horizon is designed to obliterate the subs while maintaining a crisp and pristine sound. Featuring 80 playable instruments, it allows you to play complex patterns with simple chords.

DARK HORIZON was born when sound designer Tobias Menguser was contemplating if he could go a different direction with ELYSION 2: THE ENCOUNTER. Where there we focused on creating new and aggressive soundscapes, he wanted to turn the knobs to something even darker and more extreme. Where ELYSION 2 touched upon elements of what was beyond the Earth’s atmosphere, DARK HORIZON touches on the unknown reaches of space and time.

We designed DARK HORIZON by taking the ELYSION engine and tweaking it towards Tobias’s vision. With Tobias’s sounds, it creates complex, tension inducing waves of bass and vibration.

“We adjusted all the features for dark and dirty bass sounds of all kinds,” says Tobias. His idea began when he was going through the Dirt Bikes library of the BOOM Library and he asked himself, “Can I design a playable instrument by combining BOOM SFX sounds with resynthesized THE ORCHESTRA sounds and my own synths?”

Dark Horizon features

  • Earth-shattering bass-heavy synth for extraordinary and dark bass sound.
  • Designed by renown sound designer Tobias Menguser.
  • Built from the same engine as ELYSION with a modified Ensemble Engine, the Motion Engine, and the Pan Engine.
  • Familiar and intuitive user interface known from ELYSION and THE ORCHESTRA.
  • 180 complex animated and fully customizable themes, featuring up to 4 fully controllable instruments.
  • 80 instantly playable bass-heavy instruments.
  • 765 individual samples. All carefully recorded, sampled, and handcrafted.
  • MIDI-Export: Unleash the power of the ensemble engine onto your personal template.

Dark Horizon is available for purchase for $99 USD. Owners of “The Orchestra” family of products can crossgrade for $79 USD.

More information: Sonuscore