Sonuscore has announced a limited time promotion on its Esraj & Erhu – Ethnic String Phrases sample library. Previously released for Native Instruments Kontakt, the library is now also available for the free HALion Sonic SE player from Steinberg.

Esraj & Erhu – Ethnic String Phrases continues our journey deep within the cultures of India and China. It is a toolbox for composers, invented to capture the exceptional magic of live performed instruments. Esraj & Erhu phrases embody the honest emotional expression being the core of music. Providing the enormous vitality of two traditional string instruments.

Both Esraj and Erhu create an unbelievably sincere feeling, enabling it to enliven every musical setting. The outcome is a versatile and easy-to-use instrument with a huge variety of overwhelming string phrases.

Esraj & Erhu is on sale at a 20% discount, priced 79.99 USD/EUR until October 27th, 2022 (regular 99.99 USD/EUR).

More information: Sonuscore