After last year’s big success, Dynamedion and its label Sonuscore are again offering its composer customers and online communities a Donation Sale to raise money for international Coronavirus funds.

The Donation Flash Sale in 2020 was an inspiring success with Dynamedion/Sonuscore and its international artist collective donated $16,110.70 of their profits to WHO and CARITAS International.

“While it seems that the situation is now rapidly getting better in the richer countries, there are many places in the world where people are still struggling very hard,” Managing Director Pierre Langer states.

That’s why now they hope to top that with the Magic Spring Donation Sale. For 10 days starting on March 18th, Sonuscore is offering a bundle of five software products for 9.90 EUR instead of 217 EUR, which translates to a 95% discount.

The deal includes Lyrical Cello Phrases, Music Box & Plucked Piano, Sustained String Chords, Ethnic Flute Phrases, alongside the brand-new ha•pi – Concert Harp virtual instrument. Similar to last year, the sale is initiated on the one hand to support artists currently struggling with terminated contracts and on the other to raise money for a good cause.

The Donations will be sent to regions that are currently being hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus pandemic. The organizations that they will support are World Health Organization and Save the Children.

More information: Sonuscore