Sony Creative Software Sound Forge 9

Sony Creative Software has released version 9.0d of Sound Forge, the professional digital audio production suite.

Changes in v9.0d

  • The Loop Tuner window has been reimplemented an independent tool window.
  • Added support for LPEC files imported from Digital Voice Editor software.
  • Added support for WAV files up to 4 GB. Select the Allow Wave renders up to 4 GB check box on the General page of the Preferences dialog to enable support.
  • Several Mix/Replace improvements have been implemented:
    • Envelopes are now drawn when performing drag-and-drop mixes to indicate mix and fade-in and fade-out levels.
    • If a selection exists in your destination data window, the selection is now preserved after mixing sound data.
    • Markers are now added at the correct positions when you perform mixes with Options > Paste Events turned on.
    • The end of the file is now used as a snap point when performing drag-and-drop mixes.
    • A new setting has been added to the Editing tab in the Preferences dialog. Select the Auto-crossfade Mix with selection check box if you want the Fade In and Fade Out settings for the Mix tool to pay attention to the destination selection and file length when mixing between files.
  • You can now hold Ctrl while dragging in a data window to switch to the Magnify tool temporarily (as in Sound Forge 8.0). Select the Allow Ctrl+drag style zoom in data windows check box on the General tab of the Preferences dialog to enable this behavior.
  • Toggling a selection (using the S or \ key) now restores channel selection.
  • The Lock Loop/Region Length command is now honored when multiple markers or regions are selected.
  • A bug has been fixed that could cause black frames/silence when overwriting an open MPEG file.
  • A bug has been fixed that could cause gapping when playing from the Plug-in Chainer and positioning the cursor if Options > Seek Cursor on Playback was not selected.
  • When selecting up to a marker that occurs on the last sample of a file, the last sample is now included in the selection.

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