ModeAudio has just launched its new sample pack Foreshadow, a collection of Ambient loops and samples including richly harmonic synthscapes, bellowing basses, expansive melodic sequences, icy textures or propulsive rhythms.

Gaze into your crystal ball and observe a frightful future, full of ominous rumblings, spooky sonorities and cavernous resonances – introducing the deeply Cinematic sound of our latest sound pack, Foreshadow – Ambient Loops & Samples!

Spanning a colossal 1.1GB of royalty-free sounds and divided into 88 infinitely cycleable loops and 113 longer samples, this collection will take your productions on a journey through scene after scene of spine-tingling intensity and suspense-laden emotion.

You can purchase the pack for £20 GBP. Also available is Soul City Beats (£18 GBP), a fresh batch of Hip Hop loops heavily influenced by the MPC-obsessed sound of Boom Bap and vintage instrumentals.

Like the pure joy of dusting off an old vinyl collection and placing needle to groove, prepare to kick back and get lost in a smoky haze of old skool Hip Hop flavour – presenting our latest beat-playground, Soul City Beats – Hip Hop Loops!

Comprising a smooth, 413MB collection of royalty-free sounds for your next head-nodding beat, our latest offering provides a rich palette of 90s-inspired Hip Hop gems, soaked in analog soul and spread across 144 music loops and 61 crunchy drum samples.

Priced only £3 GBP each, two new “Micro Pack” series collection are available as well:

  • Synthwave Drums comprises 48 royalty-free drum sounds that are ready to roll your beats back to the future of nostalgic, analog-obsessed audio in a heartbeat.
  • Instrumental Textures offers a collection of richly harmonic, deeply evocative drones steeped in organic character and lush tonality, built from ModeAudio’s carefully prepared electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, strings and keys recordings.

More information: ModeAudio