Splice Sounds has launched a new sample pack by VOX. Soulful Deep House Vocals combines emotive lyrical phrases and adlibs them with drag and drop ready processing across a generous selection of filtered phrases and creatively applied vocal FX.

This just as many clean and dry hooks ready to be tailored to any production, in this pack you can expect to find a variety of adlibs across multiple keys and tempos. Chopped loops to compliment any drop by itself, or post chorus following the main lyrical hook. Whether the vocals take the lead, or sit back in the mix, this vocal pack offers both treated and untreated soulful vocals recorded between 120-128bpm for your next house hit. Speed them up for UK garage, or pitch them town for Trap, these vocals slot seamlessly into any musical setting.

Available to Splice Sounds subscribers, the pack contains nearly 200 loops and one shots. New users can sign up for a 14-day free trial to try Splice Sounds.

More information: VOX