CAPSUN ProAudio has launched Soulful Waves & Dream Trap, a hypnotic collection of soulful samples including blissed out guitars, lush melodics, organic atmospheric captures, saturated 808 sub bass and custom drum hits dripping with unique character.

The pack has been created by London based producer, DJ and sound designer Skit, whose signature sound is an ambient and experimental take on UK Bass music, Hip-Hop and Future Beats.

Discover a futuristic blend of experimental sound design and genre-bending samples created to inspire Hip-Hop, Future Beats, Melodic Trap and beyond.

A journey into cutting edge, genre defying production – where the skippy, un-quantized bedroom beats of Dilla influenced drums meets the glitched percussion, meticulous programming and foley sampling of future Trap production. Over 100 unique drum loops feature split layers for versatility – Full Beats, Kick & Snare, Hi-Hats, Percussion and Alt Drums (great for layering!). 81 drum hits built from synthesis, found sounds, stacking, layering and processing include thick Kicks, natural Clap & Snap stacks, lo-fi and Trap style HiHats, extensive Percussive hits and more.

A deep selection of melodic one shots and loops take in dreamy Trap and Hip-Hop elements – from evolving arpeggios and dusty pianos to shimmering pads and mono top leads. Guitars with plenty of drift, detuning and lo-fi processing create a nostalgic backdrop whilst foley recordings of birdsong, cityscapes and more add production polish. The low end is covered by huge 808 bass hits, classic synth bass lines and heavily saturated bass guitar.

This zoned out 785MB sample collection features premium, royalty free one shot sounds and loops – all created, designed and captured to push the boundaries of modern Trap and Hip-Hop production and introduce new ideas and production tools. Every loop has been meticulously Key Tagged and tempo-synced between 80bpm to 150bpm.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: CAPSUN ProAudio