Sound Magic has introduced version 2.0 of Neo Reverb, a hybrid convolution and algorithm reverb effect plugin.

It is commonly considered that convolution reverb sounds best and realistic, but has a static sound. While Algorithm Reverb sounds live and dynamic, but lacks the realistic of the convolution reverb.Combining the advantages of both has remained a dream until Sound Magic presents Neo Reverb.

By converting the True Stereo IRs of specific spaces to Algorithms, Sound Magic is the first to accomplish this impossible mission. Opening a whole new doorway for digital reverb, we present Neo Reverb.

Changes in Neo Reverb v2.0

  • Great improvement in CPU usage. Now only 20% CPU as previous version.
  • Improved Algorithm, which enlarges the scale of the reverb and provides better sound quality.
  • Uses a new multi-dimensional impulse response system, which has better positions in a 3D space. This will greatly improve the detail and depth of the reverb sound.
  • Added Surround, Dolby Atoms and Immersive 3D Audio support.
  • Now support both PC and Mac, VST, AU and AAX Version.

Neo Reverb v2.0 will be available at the end of August, priced at $169 USD/129 EUR/£105 GBP.

More information: Sound Magic / Neo Reverb