Sound Magic Neo Multi Dynamic

Sound Magic has launched Neo Multi Dynamic, a multi-band compressor / limiter effect plug-in for Windows.

Neo Multi Dynamic is the multi bands version for the acclaimed Neo Dynamic, which features a 4 bands dyanmic processing with the innovative Linkwitz-Riley Splitter to separate the frequency bands and then process them. This gives you a better sounding multi bands dyanmic processing because the Linkwitz-Riley Crossover filter tends to have the lowest phase distortion of all filters.

Neo Multi Dynamic is a new concept in dynamic processing technology. Different from ordinary compressors/limiters, Neo Multi Dynamic not only offers more sonic variety than traditional units, it is far easier to use.

Neo Multi Dynamic features

  • Internal 64 Bit double precision floating point.
  • Innovative Linkwitz-Riley Splitter Design.
  • 10 compressors and limiters modelled after famous hardware.
  • THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise) ranging from -63dB to -135dB, depeding on the type and settings chosen.
  • Powerful add-on system makes it easy to add additional compressors and limiters in the future.
  • Incredibly accurate modeling by Sound Magic’s award winning modeling technology.
  • Different plug-in version for use on Sidechain.
  • Up to 32Bit/384KHz resolution.

Neo Multi Dynamic is available to purchase for 49 EUR (Windows VST/Supreme Piano 2 add-on).

More information: Sound Magic / Neo Multi Dynamic