TCustomz ProductionZ Bundle

Sound Pack Flyer has announced the TCustomz Productionz Bundle, a collection of 3 hip hop drum packs.

TCustomz, known for that authentic hip-hop sampled sound, brings us 3 kits with kicks that bang, snares that crack, and awesome percussion to fill up your drum tracks.

  • Chest-Hitting Kicks! — The kicks surprised me immensely. HUGE variety, big bottom’d kicks, and also kicks that allow you to have the fat bassline as well!
  • Snares that POP — If you know anything about mixing, you know the pop of snares live in that 200Hz region. These snares have been mixed to pop! — No time wasted mixing, just simply insert, and you’re on your way!
  • Creative Percussion — I’m personally one who like percussion in my beats. The percussion in these kits is nice, it stands out with the unique sounds.

The bundle is available for the introductory price of $15 USD (price will go up $2 USD every 3 days, regular $34.97 USD).

More information: Sound Pack Flyer