Audio Plugin Deals has launched an exclusive limited time sale with over 50% off on Sound Yeti’s DV8, a modern modular hybrid synth that delivers the sound, power, and creativity of modular (and more), without the budget-breaking price tag and time-consuming programming.

DV8 features a “Macro Automated Wave-shaping Control” system, 215 presets/snapshots with custom DV8tion Modules for each preset, 100 wavetable source sounds, and much more.

Behind the deceptively simple, neu-vintage UI of DV8 is a powerhouse of trailblazing sound design and discovery. It’s the new starting point for those on a journey to explore uncharted territory in sound, with the turn of a single knob.

DV8 features

  • 1 Master NKI template.
  • 215 snapshots / presets, designed by Sound Yeti.
  • 181.4 MB of uncompressed .wav files.
  • 100 dynamic synthetic and organic wavetable sample sources.
  • Custom reverb with 20 environments plus room/hall for each.
  • 58 delay effects presets, 5 delay types.
  • Unlimited user snapshots.
  • 1 Advanced Sound Design template (for use with the FULL version of Kontakt only).

Regularly $129 USD, DV8 for Kontakt and the free Kontakt Player is on sale for $54 USD until August 16th, 2023.

More information: Audio Plugin Deals