Soundcells Thor Source

Soundcells has released version 2 of Thor Source, a ReFill inspired by Moog’s Source synthesizer.

Version 2 adds the meticulously sampled Moog Source waves from our “Analog Signature” refill and we also added two new ones. Besides this there are 22 new combinator patches based on these additions, a few new rexloops, some minor tweaks and new backdrops.

Thor Source features

  • The 25 original documentary patches as described above plus 25 contemporary velocity versions of these patches.
  • 25 legato versions of the documentary patches, and also 25 legato versions of the contemporary velocity patches.
  • 67 “processed” combinator patches making full use of Reason’s devices like the RV7000, the Scream and other gear. This folder is subdivided into 4 sections: bass, keys & leads, misc and pads.
  • 22 combinator patches based on the sampled, original Source waves that were added to version 2.
  • 35 new and grooving rex loops.

Thor Source is available for Reason 4 for 19 EUR.

More information: Soundcells / Thor Source