ADSR Sounds has introduced a SoundGhost’s new sample pack Cyberwaves, a collection of futuristic and robotic experiments, synthesized using analog and virtual synthesizers, real world elements and complex effect chains.

Fusing elements of IDM, Synthwave, Synth Pop, Future Beats and Ambient, this collection delves deep into a multitude to genres to create something new and inspiring.

Choose from a range of analog synth loops, gentle pads, intricate leads and blend them with wobbling low-end bass, cybernetic synth experiments and esoteric FX. You also get 3 expertly crafted drum kits in the SoundGhost format, each including multiple sampler instrument formats ready to drop straight into your preferred samplers.

Combine this with the included MIDI drum loops which can also be swapped between each kit, and you get a high quality collection of sounds and loops ready to inspire your next track.

Priced $24 USD, the pack includes a total of 200 samples, 30 MIDI loops, and 3 drum kits.

More information: ADSR Sounds