Soundiron has released its newest Vintage Keys Series sample library Principessa, a vintage 86-key synthesizer for Native Instruments Kontakt.

This library captures the vintage and classic sound of the very rare “Princess” organ. This 2-tiered electric organ has a rich analog synthesizer tone with a creamy low and mid-range and soft rolled-off highs.

We’ve captured 15 different articulation types including: Bass Clarinet, Flutes, Strings, Trombone, Piano and Vibraphones. We also created 20 custom factory FX presets and 30 unique sound-designed synth patches, pads, drones and atmospheres from the raw source to give you a full range of creative options while capturing the aesthetics and cultural moment of the 1970s. Principessa is perfect for soundtracks, electronic music and anything that needs a hint of mellow retro flavor.

Principessa is on sale for $19 USD (regular $29 USD).

Also available is version 2.0 of Kazoo, featuring all new added controls, legato features, sound-design content and more.

This library was created with our world-class kazoo ensemble, featuring some of the finest hand-crafted wax paper and plastic wind instruments that money can buy. The noble Kazoo is recognized as perhaps the very pinnacle of human musical instrument engineering, with a sound just as renowned for its subtlety as it is for its noble majesty. We gathered together four of the finest kazoo virtuosos in the world to capture this power ensemble collection. You’ll also find a bonus ragtime style male vocal ensemble and new ambiences crafted from the source material.

This library is the perfect addition to your composing palette for scoring animation, children’s music and more. It’s equipped with a powerful GUI, layer mixing options, performance tools and 20 custom FX presets designed to get you composing quickly.

Kazoo 2.0 is on sale for only $6 USD until May 19th, 2020.

The Cacophony sample library brings the beauty of silence and chaos.

Cacophony is easily the most massive collection of live concert hall performance sound effects, room tones, crowd reactions, orchestral tuning drones and incidental sound effects you will find anywhere. As we accelerate toward technical perfection and hyper-realism in the musical world with the help of technology, it’s important to remember the living flaws and details that make the experience of listening to live music so immersive. What is often most missing is the ghost of the place, the murmur and roar of the audience, the players tuning up – all of those little sounds in between. In their absence, we often feel something missing, though we cannot always put our finger on what.

This library is the perfect collection of elements that can be used for sound-design in any style of music, video games, movies, VR, television and apps, or to simulate the environment of a live performance whenever you need it. The possibilities are endless. It’s equipped with a powerful GUI, layer mixing options, performance tools and 20 custom FX presets designed to fire up your creativity.

Cacophony is on sale for $12 USD for a limited time (regular $19 USD).

Furthermore, owners of Olympus Choir Elements can download a free pack of presets.

From sweeping beautiful legatos to haunting reversed choir chants, this free preset expansion will be a perfect addition to your orchestral writing palette.

Soundiron’s sample libraries are available at a 33% discount from distributor Plugin Boutique and at the Soundiron store until May 11th, 2020.