Soundiron has announced the release of a major redesign of its Antidrum 1 library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Soundiron Antidrum 1

Antidrum 1 is an experimental “found-sound” instrument library that contains 18 unconventional tuned and percussive sound collections, sampled in a variety of real-world locations. It is a celebration of every day objects and sounds and how they can be transformed into strange and compelling new musical instruments.

This library includes uniquely playable instrument banks that range from heavy work boot stomps to resonant water cooler impacts, clicking baby toys, red rubber playground ball bounces, hand-slapped ukulele and guitar shell “drums”, shockmount kick thumps, hand clap ensembles, nailgun shots, male ensemble shouts, drum circle strikes and grooves and much, much more. Some instruments are recorded in ensemble, while others are captured solo.

We’ve built a brand new user interface, with a veritable cornucopia of handy control features and effects, such as dynamic arpegiation and convolution reverb with 70 different halls, rooms, spaces and FX. And we’ve also created a great new selection of sound-designed ambient pads, leads, atmospheres, crafted from the raw source recordings to provide excellent accompaniment and texture to fatten your mixes.

Antidrum 1 features

  • 21 powerful Kontakt .nki instrument presets.
  • 2,468 Samples.
  • 1.83 GB Installed.
  • 24-bit, 44.1 kHz Stereo PCM Wav Format.
  • Multi-FX Rack and reverb with 70 room, hall and FX impulses.

Antidrum 1 on sale for $29 USD until February 7th, 2016 (regular $49 USD). Existing Antidrum 1 users will receive an upgrade email.

More information: Soundiron / Antidrum 1