Soundpaint has announced the release of a new sound library featuring a collection of metal hits. CLANGGG includes 104 real-time samples, 20 programs and 2 parts.

CLANGGG is a percussion library full of all the metal impacts you could ever want. Go from full frequency thumps and chunks to high strikes sharp enough to cut through a mix.

With this library we listened to you, the Soundpaint community, and now we’re happy to say we’ve delivered. CLANGGG started as a challenge in our Discord server for us to make a library of just metal hits called “ANVIL”. We loved the idea and CLANGGG was born. A few short months later and this collection is ready for the world. Thanks for inspiring us every day!

Available for the free Soundpaint Engine (VST/VST3, AU and standalone for Windows and Mac), CLANGGG priced $15 USD.

More information: Soundpaint