Soundprovocation Happy Creative 2012

Soundprovocation has announced Happy Creative 2012, a limited time promotion.

Soundprovocation wishes Happy Creative 2012 and gives a chance to purchase their sound libraries with discounts up to -50%.

The offer applies to these libraries:

  • “Vocalotheque” – a vocal ensemble. 6.5 GB library, 76 patches.
  • “Ethnic Horns” – a full set of ancient wooden horns.
  • “Ethnic Panpipes” – an extended set of Baltic panpipes.
  • “Ethnic Bagpipe” – Baltic bagpipe in two tonalities – C and D.
  • “Sweeps & Whooshes V2” – an upgraded collection of sound effects.

The offer ends on December 31, 2011.

More information: Soundprovocation